Cosmetic Tattoo


Feather Brow Technique
Feather-like strokes drawn by hand.
Includes follow up visit 4-6 weeks later.
Powder Brow or Ombre Brow (Shading Technique) $700
Complete Brow Enhancement
Includes feather-like strokes drawn by hand, Powder brow or Ombre shading.
Refresh Colour / Maintenance Visit (within 12 months) $300


Eyeliner Top & Bottom $770
Lash Enhancement $700
Top Lash Line   $650
Lower Lash Line $450
Refresh Colour / Maintenance Visit (within 12 months) $300


Lip Liner $700
Lip Line & Blend $750
Full Lip Enhancement (Bold Colour or Blush) $850
Refresh Colour / Maintenance Visit (within 12 months) $300

Cancellation Policy

For all facial treatments a credit card deposit of 50% of the treatment value  will be required.

We respectfully ask for a minimum 48 hours notice of cancellation. A fee of 50% will be incurred if cancellation is within 24 hours. Please respect my business.

For cosmetic tattoo procedures a credit card deposit of 50% will be required. The remaining balance required on the day of the procedure. This payment includes a follow up, perfection visit which is to be used within 4-8 weeks of the procedure. Failure to show or cancelling and not rescheduling within this period means you will forfeit this session. If you require any additional work, changes in style (you change your mind) or require work because of poor healing or compromised aftercare an additional fee will be incurred.

Strictly no refunds or salon credit.